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Video Seminar

KIGURUMI Balloon Basic「Teddy the Baddy」

KIGURUMI Balloon Basic course 「Teddy the Baddy」 1st description

KIGURUMI Balloon Basic「Teddy the Baddy」


6月20日 12:00 – 6月26日 12:00

Video Seminar


KIGURUMI Balloon Basic course 「Teddy the Baddy」 1st description

● Entry requirements

・Those who can understand the X-weaving.

・Don’t give up until the finish.

● Course content

・The course uses a video(with password) and a resume(PDF).

・You must prepare balloons.

・After making it, submit a photo and name of you Teddy.

  We’ll issue a certificate of completion.

● Deadline

・6/20/2023 by 6/26/2023(Limited release for one week).

※ I consider the time difference so the duration of the course is one week.

 It takes 1 to 2 days to make one KIGURUMI Balloon.

 Let’s decide a convenient day in a week and make it.

● Tuition fee: 55000JPY

● Payment methods: Paypal

● Recruitment numbers: 20 people

● Application period: May 20 at 10AM to June 5 at 10AM(Japan time)

● Message

  I made this video hoping that you can make the same Teddy bear Buddy wherever you are in the world.

  Please enjoy the world of KIGURUMI Balloon.

  Contact: E-mail

● Notes

※ No cancellation is allowed after the confirmation of application.

※ Audio recording and video recording is prohibited.

※ Secondary distribution prohibited.

※ Lectures using this tutorial and presentations are prohibited.

※ About size: Producer height is 5 feet 1 inch.

But even tall people can wear it.

If you are tall, bend your knees and it will look cuter.


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